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WAcard Digital Visiting Card For You and Your Business

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Easy to Share (Unlimited)

You can easily share digital visiting card to any WhatsApp Groups, WhatsApp contacts, unsaved WhatsApp number, Telegram contacts and Telegram Groups, facebook, twitter, instagram etc

Visitors Count

Insight is the most important module for every digital marketing tools so WAcard implemented dedicated and transparent unique visitors counting module for each digital business card and it helps to know the reach


One of the unique innovation of WAcard digital visiting card is products display. Customers can one click to order your products on WhatsApp and one click to Pay With GooglePay, PhonePe with prefilled product amount also a great feature for the easy of shopping.

Add to Home Screen (WebApp)

WAcard having the feature of add to home screen for easily installing the card to customers mobile like an android app for revisiting

Instagram Bio Link

You can add your unique WAcard link in instagram profile. It helps to know more about your business and easily connect you via other social media profiles also

YouTube Channel

You can also integrate your YouTube channel link to our business card so your visitors can easily click and subscribe your channel

Digital Visting Card From Digital India. Two million trees are cut down every year to print out your business visiting cards. By switching to digital visiting cards you are protecting trees in the earth.

We are serving in India, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain

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